[CentOS-virt] How do boot a xen domu into run level 1

Thu Sep 20 15:48:10 UTC 2012
Ed Heron <Ed at Heron-ent.com>

  You could loop mount the messed up disk on the host or you could mount
the messed up disk on another DomU and change it.

On Thu, 2012-09-20 at 08:58 -0400, me at tdiehl.org wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a C5.8 machine with several DomU's. I fubared the fstab on one of them
> and I need to get it into single user mode.
> Does anyone know how to do that? I tried adding single to the extras line
> in /etc/xen/machine_name but it still tries to start in level 3.
> To make things worse, the root partition is on LVM.
> Alternatively, does anyone know how to access the image from DomU? I tried
> to use kpartx but when I run VGscan, I do not get the lvm activated.
> Regards,