[CentOS-virt] Timer/ISR1 errors have returned in kernel-xen-2.6.18-348.3.1.el5

Wed Apr 10 21:05:03 UTC 2013
David Young <david at prophecy.net.nz>

Hi all,

We recently upgrade from CentOS 5.8 to CentOS 5.9 on 
kernel-xen-2.6.18-348.3.1.el5, and after booting into the new kernel, 
noted large amounts of these messages every second or so in the logs:

Mar 30 21:38:35 atlas2 kernel: Warning Timer ISR/0: Time went backwards: 
delta=-1393683849 delta_cpu=22316151 shadow=225003685197135 
off=129240997 processed=225005208029053 cpu_processed=225003792029053

On both the dom0 and the domUs.

Some reading indicates that this _was_ a fault fixed in 2009/2010, but 
it seems to have resurfaced on the latest kernel.

For now, we've reverted back to an earlier kernel.

Has anybody else seen this recently, or got any insight?


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