[CentOS-virt] freebsd as kvm guest

Mon Apr 29 17:58:44 UTC 2013
mattias <mj at mjw.se>

I create my machine so
Virt-install --import --prompt

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I have about ten installations of pfSense 2 in CentOS/KVM as FreeBSD 8.x profile and experience no problems except significant CPU load at 50-100 Mbps stream shaping/routing/filtering (about 50-60% of one Penitum G630 core at 75 MBps), but this is because of e1000 nics emulation (freebsd 8.x in pfsense 2 has no virtio drivers included as I can remember).

29.04.2013 21:44, Nux! пишет:
> On 29.04.2013 18:34, mattias wrote:
>> seems not possible to run a freebsd kvm guest on centos 6 all i get 
>> in the log using dmesg are something about mmio emulation failed
> I think I managed to get FreeBSD 9 installed using the "freebsd 8.x"
> virsh/virt-manager profile. After this I installed the virtio drivers.
> Wat have you tried?
> I warn you FreeBSD on KVM+Centos is terrible, really bad performance,
> even with virtio drivers.
> CPU stays at 20% even when doing nothing and network performance is 
> abysmal.
> I believe there are going to be big improvements in v10, though.


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