[CentOS-virt] AWS AMI questions

Thu Aug 1 02:22:45 UTC 2013
CS <cove_s at yahoo.com>

Thanks Karanbir!

Just one comment about the raindrops project; having it as a closed source project that's separate from the official CentOS project, and has no recognizable organization behind, makes it hard to use in any sizable company. Inevitably there would be questions about security and verification of what is in the build, risk of being dependent on a project that may or may not be around in a few years. If it were open source, or perhaps under the CentOS brand, that would make it easier to use. Just an fyi...


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>On 07/31/2013 04:07 PM, CS wrote:
>> Are there instance backed versions of the AWS marketplace CentOS builds?
>No, there are a couple of issues with the way we do the AWS Market Place
>setup that make this inconvenient. But hang in there, I'm working on an
>> Is it possible to download the AMI from somewhere and re-upload them so
>> they don't have the Marketplace restrictions? I checked
>> cloud.centos.org, but it seems like they files there haven't been
>> updated in a while.
>cloud.centos.org will be the right place, that is exactly the target
>that I am working to develop.
>> It's my understanding that projectraindrops.net was used to build the
>> AMIs, is it possible to run that service locally?
>You should be able to use that service as is ( the aim of
>projectraindrops is not to deliver open source software, but to deliver
>and maintain a service that just-works and has a reasonable feature spec ).
>The CentOS images are not built with it, the CentOS images are build in
>a replica install that runs inside the centos buildservices.
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