[CentOS-virt] Installing using kernel-3.4.54 from xen4centos

Thu Aug 1 17:53:12 UTC 2013
Nuno Fernandes <npf-mlists at eurotux.com>


I've used pungi with the following configuration:

repo --name=centos-base    --baseurl=ftp://mirrors/centos/6/os/x86_64 --cost=1 --
repo --name=centos-updates --baseurl=ftp://mirrors/centos/6/updates/x86_64 --
cost=1 --excludepkgs=qemu-kvm
repo --name=xen4centos     --
baseurl=http://mirror.centos.org/centos/6/xen4/x86_64/ --cost=1


# some default stuff that we don't want
-pm-utils # to avoid HAL etc.
-kexec-tools # to avoid failing kdump init script

to create an ISO to install centos+xen from start. The 3.4 kernel gets included fine in 
the cdrom.
When i try to install the ISO it freezes after anaconda starts graphical mode. I can't 
move the mouse, change to other VT, etc. If i install it using text mode or vnc mode it 
works fine. If i try the graphical safe mode (VESA) it also freezes.

If i ommit the centos xen repository graphical installation works fine.

I think that is a kernel related issue. Maybe some kernel build option?
Does anyone have any ideas? Did someone tried this build?

Nuno Fernandes
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