[CentOS-virt] Is Process for Building the Official Centos 6 AMIs Public?

Tue Dec 24 15:26:14 UTC 2013
Harlan Barnes <hbarnes at pobox.com>


I'm new to the list and have been reading through the archives in regards
to the official Centos AMIs in the AWS Marketplace. From what I've
gathered, a direct image download of the official Centos AMIs isn't
currently available. But i was wondering if the process for
building/configuring the official Centos AMIs was public ... i.e. "here's a
code repository with some kickstart, config files and bash scripts" I'm
sure it's more complicated than that but I have a limited imagination :-)

I was hoping I could effectively recreate the image on our private cloud by
reviewing the scripts/config for the official Centos AMI install and
creating a process that worked there for us. With the goal being that the
two images be as close as possible.


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