[CentOS-virt] Instance-backed CentOS AWS AMIs?

Fri Feb 1 18:11:07 UTC 2013
Michael Militzer <lkkm at quantentunnel.de>

Hi list,

I've noticed that instance-backed AMIs are not available in AWS MP (only
the EBS ones are there). Still though, also the instance-backed AMIs are
listed as published and available on your wiki:


I've seen that the same question was asked already before but I'm not sure
the answer given actually covered the whole question:


I take from the discussion that the AWS MP publishing process is out of
your control because it's handled by AWS people and may therefore also
introduce some delay.

But the initial question was more than a month ago and instance-backed AMIs
are still not available in AWS MP - so did something go wrong here that
caused the instance-backed AMIs to not get published?

And if not through MarketPlace, is there some alternative way to obtain
your instance-backed AMIs? We highly appreciate your cloud efforts and
would really like to use your AMIs...