[CentOS-virt] cloud-init in CentOS 6.3 images

Fri Feb 8 19:00:39 UTC 2013
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I hope you don't mind my intrusion into this thread. My name is Bruce Mathews. I work for Hewlett Packard in their Cloud Services organization. I recently joined this mailing list and was wondering, based on what you are trying to accomplish, if you had ever considered attempting the same operation in our Cloud. You can look here for further information:


If you have interest in trying out our cloud for your purposes, please feel free to contact me.

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On 01/23/2013 01:30 AM, Brian Lalor wrote:
> Good evening, all.  I just tried spinning up a CentOS instance in EC2 using ami-de5bd2ee from the AWS marketplace.  I put a dummy script into the user-data field when launching the instance from the EC2 console but found it didn't work, even though the SSH key for the root user did.  I pinged Karanbir on ##aws and he suggested I post here to get the conversation started.
> I'm currently looking into what it takes to roll my own AMI; I've already invested a fair bit of work into creating packages and Puppet config based on a CentOS 6.3 system (mainly with Vagrant), and my initial test with Amazon's Linux AMI wasn't promising.  I think execution of the user-data script is a must-have, as it's the only way to automate the creation of a new instance without external tools.

Getting ready to roll out another set of updated AWS images. So this is
a good time to have the conversation about cloud-init

Firstly, what is the best version to go with ? I know there is a
maintained cloud-init in EPEL but that seems to be 0.6.x based, whereas
lots of people seem to be focusing on 0.7.x as the best rpm based distro
supported option.

thoughts ?

- Kb

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