[CentOS-virt] Replacement for virt-manager

Mon Feb 11 14:32:57 UTC 2013
Andrea Chierici <andrea.chierici at cnaf.infn.it>

I have more than 20 VM in production with a shared storage and 6 blades 
as HV.
Things begin to look confusing within virt-manager since there is no way 
to display only the powered-up nodes (the migrated and switched off 
machines appear on every hv entry). I wonder if there is something 
different and more appealing than virt-manager to manage such an 
My requirement are:

be able to switch back to virt-manager whenever I want
do not require switching nodes off, reboots, or any kin of intervention 
on VMs
be open source
be stable

Anyone can suggest something?


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