[CentOS-virt] Download official CentOS AMI?

Mon Jan 7 11:47:40 UTC 2013
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 12/20/2012 02:25 PM, Karl Ward wrote:
> I'd like to download the official CentOS AMI files for 6.3 x86_64, but
> that does not seem possible.  The goal is to use the same image on both
> public and private clouds, to improve consistency.  Are the AMI files
> available for download anywhere, or from anyone?

Not at this moment, its a resource issue more than anything else. Tru 
and I were discussing doing a refresh in the next few days and I will 
make sure the raw images are published to cloud.centos.org

Please note that these images contain a rc script to get the user 
metadata into place, and so might not be of much use outside AWS or 
Eucalyptus which expose that metadata service. The CentOS-5 images will 
be even more restricted, in that they will have the kernel-xen setup to 
boot as default ( for AWS ).

Any help to build generic images would be appreciated!

> I offer my apologies if the CentOS-virt list is not the correct contact
> for this query.

This is absolutely the best place for the question, I apologies for me 
rather delayed response.

For the sake of completeness, its worth noting that lots of irc chatter 
that EL-6.4 will contain cloud-init, I hope its 0.7.x based, which would 
solve a lot of issues. Failing that, perhaps we should look at bringing 
in cloud-init ourselves ( or a better alternative )
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