[CentOS-virt] create a guest

Wed Jan 16 18:47:02 UTC 2013
Timo Schoeler <timo at riscworks.net>

On 01/16/2013 07:26 PM, mattias wrote:

> but i allredy have the freebsd disc image file on the server

You may just create a logical volume, use dd(1) to transfer its contents
onto the lv and use this.

Done that several times, works like a charm.



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>> Mattias,
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>>> can i create a guest with libvirt and use an existing disc with
>>> freebsd?
>> libvirt is a library.  Programs are written to use the functions it 
>> provides.
>> libvirtd is a service that does things like provide a DHCP server to VMs 
>> that are using NAT.
>> virtsh is a command line tool to manage virtual machines.  It uses 
>> libvirt.
>> virt-manager is a GUI tool to manage virtual machines.  It uses libvirt.
>> There are a number of other tools that are named virt-{whatever}.  One of 
>> those is virt-install.
>> The most direct, but perhaps more complicated way to do everything is to 
>> simply run qemu-kvm from the command line and pass to it all of the 
>> arguments needed to create a virtual machine from which you can boot from 
>> install media.  Installing an OS from installation media is a graphical 
>> thing.  There is a virtual video card that shows the output of the booting 
>> media.  You will need a GUI of some sort to do a raw install.  Once you 
>> have created a virtual machine, you can use the existing VMs storage (disk 
>> image file, partition, etc) as a cookie cutter to make other VMs from in a 
>> less GUI way.
>> As others have said, you should probably install enough GUI stuff on your 
>> VM host machine so you can start with virt-manager.  You don't have to run 
>> a complete desktop to use virt-manager.  In fact you can ssh -X to your VM 
>> host from another machine that has X running and have virt-manager appear 
>> on your local display without running X11 on the VM host.
>> So the answer to the question you keep repeating... is yes... you can 
>> install FreeBSD from a disc... if you'll start figuring out the system, 
>> how it works, and the tools that are available to do what you want.
>> Having said that, I've not installed FreeBSD and I've not done an install 
>> from a physical CD/DVD.  I've always done Linux or Windows from an .iso 
>> file... and I primarily use virt-manager.  The non-GUI ways are mostly for 
>> advanced users.
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