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Wed Jan 16 20:05:10 UTC 2013
mattias <mj at mjw.se>

kvm image
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>> but i allredy have the freebsd disc image file on the server
> DUH... I thought you were saying you had a disc or disc image of the 
> FreeBSD install media.  You already have a FreeBSD VM disk image?  In that 
> case, what is it from?  Is it a KVM VM or did it come from some other virt 
> platform like VMware, VirtualBox, Parallels, Xen or what?
> You may run into an issue with drivers if it came from another virt 
> platform that uses product specific tools (like VMware tools for 
> example)... where to make it work correctly you have to remove their 
> tools.  This is probably less of an issue with a FreeBSD VM though.
> There is also v2v which supposedly can convert a disk image of a VM from 
> one product format to another.  I haven't used it.  There should be good 
> documentation for v2v if you do a search.
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