[CentOS-virt] Looking for Instance backed Centos 6 x86_64 images

Asit Kharshikar asit at bsb.in
Wed Jun 5 09:51:28 UTC 2013

Hello Folks,


I am looking for official centos 6 x86_64 AMI's for the Singapore region. I
found an ebs backed Centos image from http://wiki.centos.org/Cloud/AWS
(ami-3e22616c) in the market place
oductId=adc4348e-1dc3-41df-b833-e86ba57a33d6&region=ap-southeast-1> .
However I am unable to find corresponding instance backed images. Can you
help point me in the right direction for this?


Thanks in advance for your help!


- Asit


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