[CentOS-virt] new-kernel-pkg needs to be made Xen-aware

Mon Nov 25 09:16:09 UTC 2013
Jens Larsson <jens at nsc.liu.se>

>> I ran "yum update" the other day on my dom0 and let it pull a new
>> kernel. The RPM install scriptlet runs /sbin/new-kernel-pkg (part
>> of the grubby package) to update grub.conf. It writes a new record
>> to boot the Linux kernel instead of Xen. It would be nice if it
>> noticed that it was running inside Xen and wrote a suitable record
>> for that.

> Same thing happens if you install both java-1.6.0-openjdk and 
> jdk-1.7.0 packages at the same time, the system guesses that 
> whichever one you installed last should be default.
> Delete the non "kernel-xen" kernels, and you should be good to go. 
> for future updates.

Or perhaps change /etc/sysconfig/kernel:
# UPDATEDEFAULT specifies if new-kernel-pkg should make
# new kernels the default

# DEFAULTKERNEL specifies the default kernel package type


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