[CentOS-virt] injecting a key into the xen images

Wed Apr 2 23:40:30 UTC 2014
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 03/31/2014 10:58 AM, Juerg Haefliger wrote:
>> > I would have first looked at libguestfs suite, virt-edit maybe. It has
>> > tools specifically designed to interact with VM filesystems.
>> I did, and I dont want to install 187 more rpms to get this
>> functionality ( which is the size of that dep tree )
> Why is that relevant for a test environment?

I am kind of hoping we can use this wider than the testing env only, it
would allow us to ship generic images to be used outside a cloud like
environ that handles such metadata/acl setup.

Another part of the libguestfs problem is that the way its built into
CentOS-6, it has a hard dep on qemu-kvm, which in turn conflicts with
qemu-xen; Again this might be an artificial conflict and perhaps needs
investigating, but for now, there is no way to install libguestfs on a
machine running xen4centos.

In this specific test case, we can install libguestfs, make the changes
we need, then install xen4centos before the reboot, but the qemu-ndb
hack seemed far less intrusive.

btw, speaking to the upstream ( rich jones ) about this, there are moves
to unbundle chunks of stuff away, most of the hard deps for libguestfs
come from features that are otherwise well isolated; but those changes
are still being executed upstream, no idea when its going to make it
into CentOS and other distro's.

- KB

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