[CentOS-virt] OpenVZ variant

Thu Apr 3 16:55:46 UTC 2014
Scott Dowdle <dowdle at montanalinux.org>


I was reading the LWN article from today (free to non-subscribers next Thursday). Here's a subscriber link for those who might want to see it now:

CentOS and Red Hat - http://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/592723/485ea802859f6c36/

I saw that Xen was mentioned as an area where CentOS went beyond RHEL with CentOS 6... and being that I'm deeply in the OpenVZ community, I thought it might be natural to have an OpenVZ CentOS Variant.  I just noticed that the CentOS Virt-SIG page already mentions OpenVZ.  Is this only for the upcoming CentOS 7 or would it be possible to produce a spin/remix that is CentOS 6-based that includes the OpenVZ kernel and OpenVZ utils?

Looking at the stats provided by the OpenVZ Project (http://stats.openvz.org/) it is obvious that CentOS is the most popular platform for both OpenVZ hosts and OpenVZ containers:

Top  host   distros
CentOS	     56,725
Scientific    2,471
RHEL	        869
Debian	        576
Fedora	        111
Ubuntu	         82
Gentoo	         54
openSUS          18
ALT Linux        10
Sabayon	          6


Top 10  CT  distros
centos	    245,468
debian	    106,350
ubuntu	     83,197
OR	      8,354
gentoo	      7,017
pagoda	      4,024
scientific    3,604
fedora	      3,173
seedunlimited 1,965

This morning I sent out some feelers to the OpenVZ community (via the OpenVZ Users mailing list, blog.openvz.org, and the #openvz IRC channel) to see if any OpenVZ users were already working with the CentOS project (I'm not).

So does anyone that is part of this SIG care to tell me how much OpenVZ interest there currently is and how I might become a part of the effort?  I know the virt-sig is probably quite broad beyond OpenVZ.

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