[CentOS-virt] Virt SIG roadmap

Tue Apr 15 16:53:34 UTC 2014
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

As promised, in preparation for next week's SIG meeting, here's a
kick-off discussion about the Virtualization SIG roadmap.

I'm mainly tossing out ideas here -- see this is an invitation to

Key things I think should be on the roadmap:

* Release process
 - General cadence
 - Estimate of the next release (if any)
* Specification of targets
 - Right now, mainly xen4centos
    - What packages?
* "Backlog" of work items
 - Updates (mostly suggested by Pasi)
 - Items caveats from Russ P's CentOS talk

== Release process ==

I don't have any real opinions on this -- KB / Johnny, did you guys
have a vision for what the release schedule for any of the SIGs would
look like?  Are we going to have specific releases, or just continue
to do rolling updates?  If so, how frequent should the updates be?

Obviously estimates for releases will need to wait until all the
infrastructure has been set up, and we've discussed cadence / targets,

== Targets ==

Targets will depend on community support.  I'll be committing to
extending the Xen4CentOS project.  There was talk of having an OpenVZ
variant, but that would require someone to actually step up and do the
work to integrate and support it.

== Backlog ==

Most of the items below are from the discussion Pasi started in
February; a couple are from Russ Pavliczek's slides at a talk given

* Pull in updates f/ XenServer
 > Suggested by dvrabel in http://marc.info/?l=centos-virt&m=139289353315469
 - 0001-x86-xen-rename-early_p2m_alloc-and-early_p2m_alloc_m.patch
 - 0008-x86-remove-the-Xen-specific-_PAGE_IOMAP-PTE-flag.patch
 -  0160676bba69523e8b0ac83f306cce7d342ed7c8 (xen/p2m: check MFN is in range
before using the m2p table)
 - 7cde9b27e7b3a2e09d647bb4f6d94e842698d2d5 (xen: Fix possible user space
selector corruption)
* Xen 4.4 (Xen + qemu)
* libvirt: 1.2.2
 - Possibly with migration / pci pass-through back-ported?
* dom0 / xen serial console
* Ballooning bug?
 > http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=6893

Anything else we need to discuss / plan?