[CentOS-virt] OpenVZ variant

Mon Apr 7 14:19:27 UTC 2014
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 6:38 PM, Lars Kurth <lars.kurth at xen.org> wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> we are in the process of bootstrapping the Virtualization SIG and are
> working with the CentOS community to set it up. The intention is to work
> with anyone who has an interest to bring a specific virtualization
> technology to CentOS and who is willing to put enough time in to make
> their bit work. A lot of details are still open, such as whether there
> would be one CentOS virt variant covering all virt technologies (which
> is preferable to having several for a number of reasons), infrastructure
> questions, versions of packages for qemu, libvirt, ... interfaces to
> other SIGs and many more.
> The next step is to set up the first meeting. We will make a proposal
> for dates and format shortly. I was out of the office for a while and am
> only just catching up with things that happened in the last month (such
> as the approval of the virt SIG).
>  > This morning I sent out some feelers to the OpenVZ community (via the
> OpenVZ Users mailing list,
>  > blog.openvz.org, and the #openvz IRC channel) to see if any OpenVZ
> users were already working with the CentOS project (I'm not).
> I am not aware of anyone from the OpenVZ community at this stage.
>  > So does anyone that is part of this SIG care to tell me how much
> OpenVZ interest there currently is
> To be honest, I don't have a clue. The steps you have already taken
> should certainly give you an indication on how much interest there may
> be from the OpenVZ community. And possibly someone on this list may
> respond.

I think he may have meant, how much interest the Virt SIG has in
recieving contributions from the OpenVZ community; and I think the
answer to that is, very much. :-)

Lars and I both work with the Xen Project, and so obviously have much
more experience with Xen than OpenVZ; and most of my own engineering
time will go towards Xen.  But we (and the CentOS board) are committed
to running it as an inclusive project.