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Wed Apr 9 13:37:02 UTC 2014
Lars Kurth <lars.kurth at xen.org>


thanks for your interest. Could you elaborate what your thoughts related 
to CentOS 7 and the CentOS virtualization SIG are? I am not sure I 
exactly understand what you are proposing and it is also not quite clear 
to me whether there is some overlap with other SIGs (such as the Cloud SIG).

I guess the key question I have is whether you are suggesting / 
considering to use the output of the virtualization SIG as upstream for 
OpenNode and would want to contribute to the SIG.

Best Regards

On 03/04/2014 21:30, Andres Toomsalu wrote:
> Dear Scott, Lars,
> Currently we already have CentOS 6 based respin (called OpenNode - 
> http://opennodecloud.com) targeted for virtualization - supporting 
> both OpenVZ and QEMU/KVM at the moment - yet it would be possible to 
> add Xen/LXC/Docker support as well - as we are based on libvirt.
> We are just discussing some ideas how we would like to develop next 
> major version - CentOS 7 based virtualization host - yet we would be 
> really interested for having an open discussion and community based 
> development - if anybody wants to join in or there will be some 
> interest to create something like community CentOS virtualization host 
> project - where we could join. Our current ideas are spinning around 
> CoreOS like (perhaps stateless) CentOS 7 compute host with modern 
> clustering built-in (perhaps etcd) - and we still want to continue to 
> support both containers and full virtual machines on the same host. 
> Hopefully also Docker will be mature enough soon and supporting OpenVZ 
> userland tools - as LXC and OpenVZ share the kernel part and 
> surprisingly LXC seems still not enough mature/feature rich - yet LXC 
> project has existed already quite a long time (which makes me a bit 
> pessimistic predicting on future LXC progress pace). LXC container 
> isolation features still suck a bit (for production systems) and still 
> no live migration feature - yet support for it seems to come from 
> OpenVZ team - as http://criu.org. But hopefully we can get rid of 
> OpenVZ patched kernels - so it will be only the choice of userspace 
> tools (for containers).
> Our goal would be to have something way simpler than Openstack (which 
> is huge and quite a mess in its current state - if you really want to 
> create a production grade system with it) - and to have a nicely 
> packaged + easy to use system (which might not support all 1001 ways 
> of doing the same thing - yet enforcing some simple best-practices).
> So - if anybody interested - lets discuss!
> Kind regards,
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> Andres Toomsalu
> http://www.opennodecloud.com <http://www.opennodecloud.com/>

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