[CentOS-virt] Masking CPU flags via libvirt xml not working?

Wed Aug 27 18:08:03 UTC 2014
Nathan March <nathan at gt.net>

On 8/26/2014 4:52 PM, Nathan March wrote:
> Has anyone here managed to get cpu masking working via libvirt?
> Intention to enable VM migrations between hosts of a different CPU
> generation.

To add to this, I've tried using the boot options to set the cpu mask 

xen_commandline        : dom0_mem=2048M,max:2048M loglvl=all 
guest_loglvl=all cpuid_mask_ecx=0x009ee3fd cpuid_mask_edx=0xbfebfbff

Unfortunately still no luck. There's no errors in xm dmesg to indicate 
the settings were / weren't applied, it simply doesn't seem to do anything.

- Nathan