[CentOS-virt] Problems with Windows on KVM machine

engineer at colocat.ru

engineer at colocat.ru
Wed Feb 19 10:35:36 UTC 2014

Thanks for the answer.
> I'm not an expert on this, but here is what I would try:
> 1. Are you using the latest virtio drivers on your Windows guest(s)?
>      http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/virtio-win/latest/images/
Yes, this version is used

> 2. Is there any particular reason you use CentOS 6.4 on your storage
> server?
>      I would update it to CentOS 6.5 so you would have matching Linux
> kernels on both of your systems.

OK, will try and schedule the maintenance, but when it was 6.4 everywhere
- all was the same.

> Zoltan

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