[CentOS-virt] MS-Win7 kvm guest gets dhcp from host bridge

Wed Feb 19 21:01:26 UTC 2014
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

MS-Windows v7proSP1

We have installed a MicroSoft Win7 system as a guest and have joined it to our
MS AD domain. The system runs and has internet access.  However, the IPv4
address it obtains and the gateway it is assigned are both sourced from the
virtual machine host system and not from our AD DC DHCP server.

To clarify, the virbr0 IP address is and the Windows guest has
that address as its gateway and an IP address in the
netblock.  This is not as we desire as the internal addresses we regularly
assign to MS workstations via DHCP are supposed to belong to a different
netblock entirely.  This permit filtering on incoming and outgoing traffic at
the gateway.

I realize that there is a DHCP service running on virbr0 for the purpose of
provisioning guests with system control traffic but I do not know how to limit
that to its intended purpose and allow another DHCP server to provide the IP
address to the windows guests.  I hope that problem description is not too

Can anyone provide me with some guidance on the matter?  Are kvm guests
required to have either static ip addresses or dhcp addresses provided by the
host system?

Thanks in advance.

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