[CentOS-virt] Fwd: About Centos 7 + Virt-manager

Wed Jul 16 15:24:59 UTC 2014
Scott Dowdle <dowdle at montanalinux.org>

Greetings again,

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> Am 16.07.2014 15:16, schrieb Scott Dowdle:
> > Docker dropped LXC with version 0.6 or was it 1.0?  They have their
> > own library that they use now.
> This is not correct, or the docker docs are out of date:
> "Docker combines these components into a wrapper we call a container
> format. The default container format is called libcontainer.Docker
> also
> supports traditional Linux containers using LXC." Source:[1]
> [1]https://docs.docker.com/introduction/understanding-docker/#the-underlying-technology

For anyone not willing to take the time to visit the Docker 0.9 release blog post, here's a snippet from it:

"Thanks to libcontainer, Docker out of the box can now manipulate namespaces, control groups, capabilities, apparmor profiles, network interfaces and firewalling rules – all in a consistent and predictable way, and without depending on LXC or any other userland package. This drastically reduces the number of moving parts, and insulates Docker from the side-effects introduced across versions and distributions of LXC."

Is that more clear?

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