[CentOS-virt] C7 with Xen support

Mon Jul 21 22:13:13 UTC 2014
Mark Pryor <tlviewer at yahoo.com>

On Monday, July 21, 2014 12:46 PM, Volnei <volnei at vcplinux.com.br> wrote:
Hi all,

Anybody could me tell when CentoOS7 will have Xen support?

Thank a lot

I don't speak for the C7 project so this reply is unofficial. RH has disabled all dom0 kernel support found in mainline kernel. DomU support is mostly intact.

I have a xen 4.4.0 dom0 on C7 since July 16, but using the kernel-ml (3.15) from elrepo.org

Got my xen package set by rebuilding xen-4.4.0-8.fc22.src.rpm from here

The Fedora developers are adapting xen to systemd rapidly, so the above SRPM can change weekly.

If you or anyone else wants more detail, find PryMar56 on #xen on freenode IRC.

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