[CentOS-virt] Can KVM and VirtualBox co-exist on same host?

Thu Jul 24 13:24:11 UTC 2014
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

On Wed, July 23, 2014 10:11, Tom Bishop wrote:

> That is the easy answer, they do conflict but it does not mean you
> cannot load them both up. You just cannot run them both at the same
> time, in order to run one vs the other you need to remove some kernal
> mods and insert some etc depending on which one you want to run.
> So the answer is yes you can if you want to you just have to do some
> work, here is a decent write up that goes into some detail but there
> may be some better examples -
> http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/kvm-virtualbox.html


I found a write up on scripts that detect and unload/load the kvm and
kvm-intel modules.  In fact, the very one that you referenced.  And I had
already gathered that one probably cannot run both a kvm and a vb hypervisor
on the same host at the same time.  I was wondering if there was any other
issues respecting having both of them installed on the same host at the same
time even if only one, or neither, is running?

A supplemental question:  Is there any way to convert a VB guest image into a
KVM guest image?  The VM image in question is MicroSoft's IE6 development
image for MS-XPproSP3.  We have a government mandated program that is written
in J# and the last OS to support that is XP.  I have to get some sort of
virtualised XP guest running and as the transferable licenses for that OS are
somewhat scarce I thought I might try and get the legal VM version running. 
However, I would prefer to stick with KVM if at all possible.

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