[CentOS-virt] Windows 7 on a centos kvm host pauses after the installation reboot.

Sun Jun 8 23:21:04 UTC 2014
Eliezer Croitoru <eliezer at ngtech.co.il>

I am using Centos 6.5 as a kvm hypervisor with local ssd disks in raid 
and with glusterfs based storage for couple disk images.
I have tried to install Windows 7 from ISO and it seems to pass the 
first stage of the installation which installs the basic files and also 
the first reboot.
After that the installation is almost finished and the desktop should be 
up and running after a reboot but instead the Windows 7 machine gets 
paused before windows shows the windows 7 logo at the boot sequence.

I have tried to find for a record of the issue in the past but found 
only tiny records which I did not understood from, if it was solved or not.
The kvm host has 16GB of ram and 100GB of disk space.
For this specific host I have used a disk image ontop of glusterfs but 
the same happens ontop of glusterfs and ontop of local disks.

I have an ubuntu kvm host with less RAM and I can install windows server 
2012 (which I was unable to install on the Centos 6.5 kvm host both 2012 
+ windows 8 + windows 7).

Two things:
If anyone had or has the same issue please notify me.
If anyone has a solution please share it.