[CentOS-virt] Network Bridgeing

Mon Jun 9 00:30:26 UTC 2014
Ing. Ramon Resendiz <rresendiz at globaltrack.com.mx>



I have the following issue i recently installed a VM with qemu and libvirtd,
everything is almost ok. The problem is that i have 5 usable IP address
(valid ip address on internet) for eth0, and i want to use one of this IP
for my VM (Windows 2008 Standard R2 by the way). I did the bridge between my
eth0 and br0, the VM could browse into internet and download patches, etc.


I tried to use a networking alias, this is the network interface eth0 assign
a IP address and for the eth0:1 assign other IP address, and this bridged to
the br0 instead of eth0 to eth0:1; after restart the network service the
connectivity lost, and then get in back the original configuration
everything seems to work again. But my goal is not archived.




eth0 must have a valid ip address to be accesed, eth0:1 (bridged to br0)
must have a valid address to be assigned to the VM. Through iptables assign
ACL to each IP address (valid IP address) depending of the services to host
(web server and db server,  rdp host) and between interfaces could be
possible to communicate between them (virtual host and virtual machine).


eth0: Virtual Host

eth0:1: Virtual  machine (bridged to br0)


Thank you very much for you time.


Best regards,



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