[CentOS-virt] Finally switching from Xen to KVM - question about networking

Tue Jun 10 16:57:45 UTC 2014
Carl T. Miller <carl at carltm.com>

Steve Campbell wrote:
> Well, after starting the VM, I find I don't have connectivity with that
> interface. Reading, I find examples where I need to create bridges
> perhaps. Xen did most of this for me, so it's a little new to me.
> Can anyone throw me a clue, please?

Steve, I just put up my notes for how to set up an EL6
host as well as how to create a guest.  You'll note that
it is terse and it expects you to already know what options
you want.  However if you follow it step by step by copying
and pasting the appropriate lines, you'll have your system
set up in no time.


Good luck!  And let me know if you have any problems with
any of the commands in the wiki.