[CentOS-virt] Are the "centos.org" AMIs in the EC2 marketplace "official"? locale breakage in 6.4 AMI

Thu Mar 13 19:50:18 UTC 2014
Dan Pritts <danno at umich.edu>

> with a few packages, files are not being properly created in 
> /usr/share/locale/xx/LC_XXXX when I install the RPM.
> I mostly don't care about the files themselves, but I worry about what 
> else is wrong.

[root at dns-east rpm]# /bin/pwd
[root at dns-east rpm]# !grep
grep -i lang *
macros.imgcreate:%_install_langs en
[root at dns-east rpm]#

Which is fine with me (although I am not sure it is the right default).

Now, off to file a bug report on yum-plugin-presto...
Dan Pritts
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University of Michigan
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