[CentOS-virt] [CentOS] KVM and DHCP

Thu Mar 13 20:00:27 UTC 2014
Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca>

On 13/03/14 03:43 PM, James B. Byrne wrote:
> CentOS-6.5
> We have a KVM guest running MS-WinV7pro.  This guest is joined to an Active
> Directory Domain.  That domain provides DHCP to the members.  The KVM guest
> does not obtain its IP from the domain but from the local host's qemu
> hypervisor instead.
> Is there anyway to get around this and have the guest MS-Win OS get its DHCP
> from the same place as the rest of the domain members?

Yup, build a traditional bridge instead of using qemu's 'default' virbr0 
NAT'ed bridge.

I do it this way:


You can ignore the bonds if you're not using them, and just put the 
'BRIDGE="vbrX"' in the ethX file. Move the IP from the ethX to vbrX. 
With that, your VMs will effectively be on the same network, no 
translation, and the bridge will act just like another switch on your 

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