[CentOS-virt] centos5 xen domu with X: screens not found

Mon Mar 17 10:42:13 UTC 2014
Stefano Stabellini <stefano.stabellini at eu.citrix.com>

On Sun, 16 Mar 2014, Peter Peltonen wrote:
> Hi,
> I am in a process to virtualize an existing non-virtualized CentOS5 system. 
> Everything else works fine except X: virt-manager's console just hangs after bootup. I can use the text console though and what I
> see in X server's log is the error message "screens not found".
> The only graphics related setup I've done is in the domu config this line:
> vfb = [ "type=vnc,vncunused=1,keymap=fi" ]
> Is there something else I should configure on the guest or in dom0?

That should be enough. Is the xen-fbfront module loaded in the guest?
Can you post the output of "xenstore-ls" after creating the domU?