[CentOS-virt] qemu-kvm rebuild in Centos for oVirt in SIG Virt

Fri May 23 19:45:20 UTC 2014
Douglas Schilling Landgraf <dougsland at redhat.com>

Hello Trey,

On 05/23/2014 11:32 AM, Trey Dockendorf wrote:
> Is the plan to get the qemu-kvm build provided by CentOS to include
> the "rhev-features"?

Yes, we have been discussing about provide this rebuild via CentOS Virt 
SIG. Thanks for joining this thread, this shows how required this 
rebuild is.

> I recently updated to oVirt 4.1 and while my
> hypervisors were in maintenance I performed an update of all packages,
> including qemu-kvm and noticed the latest version
> ( in the CentOS repos still does not include
> live  snapshot capability.

Correct, sorry about that.

> Any suggestion on how to version my internal rebuild of qemu-kvm to
> prevent CentOS's RPM being installed?  My initial attempt is the
> following:
> mock -D "dist .el6_5" -D "buildid .local" -r epel-6-x86_64
> --with=rhev-features \
> --rebuild /home/treydock/qemu-kvm/qemu-kvm- \
> --resultdir=/home/treydock/qemu-kvm/rpms/local \
> --cleanup-after
> The resulting RPMs still contain the same version as CentOS's builds.
> Do I need to extract the SRPM, modify the spec, then rebuild a SRPM
> built using the modified spec?

What do you meant the same version? This command don't bump the release, 
so it should generate the same rpm version.
However, oVirt team already provides rebuilds from all qemu-kvm packages 
provided by CentOS enabling this feature, every day we check for new 
version of qemu-kvm package and rebuild if it exists, please go to:

===== In case you would like to run a script ===
for version in '6.5' # '6.6' '6.7' '6.8' '6.9'
     QEMU_KVM_LATEST_SRC_RPM=`curl -s 
http://vault.centos.org/${version}/updates/Source/SPackages/ |grep -o -E 
'href="([^"#]+)"' | cut -d'"' -f2 | sort -r | uniq | grep qemu-kvm`

     for qemu_kvm in ${QEMU_KVM_LATEST_SRC_RPM}
         QEMU_KVM_LATEST_RPM=`basename ${qemu_kvm} .src.rpm`.x86_64.rpm
         if [ ! -f "${WORKSPACE}"/rpms/${qemu_kvm} ]; then
             wget -P "${WORKSPACE}"/rpms 
         dist='dist .el'
         if [ ! -f "${WORKSPACE}"/rpms/${QEMU_KVM_LATEST_RPM} ]; then
             sudo mock -D "${build_version}" -r epel-6-x86_64 
--with=rhev-features --rebuild "${WORKSPACE}"/rpms/${qemu_kvm} 
--resultdir="${WORKSPACE}"/rpms --cleanup-after

I would love to see this script or similar one (bumping the release?) 
running on CentOS SIG and after that executing createrepo command.