[CentOS-virt] Virt SIG meeting minutes

Tue Nov 18 14:57:36 UTC 2014
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

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Attendees: Lars, Lokesh, George, KB (eventually)

Docker update:
- - Docker 1.3.1 for virt7-testing

Xen update:
 - Xen 4.4.1 in virt6-testing
 - Can't do a release of xen without libvirt because libvirt depends
on a specific version of libxl
 - Plan: update to libvirt-1.2.9 before test then release

 - C7 we want to use the CBS signing system which isn't up yet
 - All SIGs will just wait to release C7 stuff until then
 - x4c C6 is signed with distro key, so we'll keep having Johnny sign those

 C6 xen/libvirt beta release in mid-November, release early December
 C7 docker: release when sig ready
 C7 xen: beta maybe mid-December

Mid-December: Dojo schedule
 - Biggest one: US in early Summer
 - 30 Jan before FOSDEM - ~300 people
 - Sponsorship?
 - Talk / workshop / hack session re virt sig

Pre-FOSDEM dojo:
 - kbsingh: It would be good to have virt-sig presence at dojo before FOSDEM
 - gwd: I may not be able to make it; I'll try to find someone to cover me.

IRC chat log:

<gwd> Virt SIG meeting in 2 minutes
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<pasik> hello  [14:00]
<gwd> OK, who have we got present?  I see pasik and jonludlam  [14:02]
<gwd> kbsingh: You around?
<gwd> lsm5?  [14:04]
<gwd> OK, well I guess let's get started.  [14:05]
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<jonludlam> gwd, is there an agenda?  [14:06]
<gwd> The main agenda was updates: update on Xen, on Docker, and on the CBS.
<gwd> The CBS is the main blocker for a Docker release
<gwd> And really for me doing anything useful as far as a Xen update as well.
<jonludlam> I still don't have my cbs account
<gwd> And quaid had asked about oVirt joining the Virt SIG as well
<gwd> jonludlam: Right, I didn't realize you'd asked for one.    [14:08]
* gwd tries to remember the nick of the guy who was working on that...
<gwd> Well the Xen status is:
<gwd> * I've got Xen 4.4.1 built in the CBS (unsigned)
<gwd> * It's using an "updated" blktap2.5, but I'm not sure how stable it is
      (needs more testind)  [14:09]
<jonludlam> (tbh I hadn't been pinging about it as I've had to work on other
        things recently...)
<gwd> * And before we can do a proper release, I'd need to rebuild libvirt
<jonludlam> gwd, is it using the dkms blktap module?
<jzb> Evolution: ping
<Evolution> jzb: pong  [14:10]
<gwd> I think the kernel probably is, not positive.
<jzb> Evolution: where can I find minutes from last week's meeting?
<jzb> Evolution: Atomic SIG meeting, I mean, in case that was vague. :-)
<gwd> jonludlam: Any reason for asking? :-)
<Evolution> everything should be at -> http://www.centos.org/minutes/  [14:11]
<jonludlam> gwd, the dkms module is quite old, and I've had issues using it
        under ubuntu. The newer kernel module source can't be built out of
        tree though
<gwd> Yes, the whole blktap thing is something which needs to be sorted out.
<jonludlam> given we're providing a new kernel, it might make sense to have
        the in-tree patches in the kernel
<jonludlam> gwd, totally agree
<pasik> i think the current linux 3.10 kernel in xen4c6 is based on some
    citrix patches
<pasik> for blktap2.5  [14:13]
<gwd> That would make sense -- I haven't had time to actually get to look at
      the kernel package and see what's in it.
<pasik> i remember some discussions/emails with David Vrabel about those
<jzb> Evolution: found, thx
<jonludlam> pasik, might be worth refreshing the patches - we've done a lot of
        testing on them recently  [14:14]
<pasik> jonludlam: ok, good to know
<pasik> jonludlam: can you point to a git tree with the latest patches?
<jonludlam> pasik, not sure - I'll have a look
<pasik> jonludlam: thanks!  [14:15]
<jonludlam> https://github.com/xenserver/linux-3.x.pg/tree/master/master I
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<gwd> pasik: You haven't tested the 4.4.1 patches in virt6-testing, have you?
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<kbsingh> gwd: here now
<kbsingh> +1 for prepatching the kernel for needed support, dkms is never
      worked for me in prod  [14:20]
<gwd> kbsingh: OK -- I've just done a status update for Xen (basically not
      much update since last time, except that I found a pretty nasty bug
      upstream and fixed it)
<kbsingh> on the CBS update :  [14:21]
<pasik> gwd: hmm, i *think* i did test the rpms you linked
<pasik> gwd: but i'm not totally sure. i've been way too busy with other
<pasik> gwd: i'll test again to be sure :)
<gwd> pasik: Sure. :_)
<kbsingh> lots of progress, MerlinTHP is working on closing up the lookaside
      binary sources import script, and I am working on the gitblit update
      for git.centos.org - having those two things done will allow
      prettymuch the entire workflow to move from srpms to git
<lsm5> gwd: yup  [14:22]
<pasik> kbsingh: any eta?
<kbsingh> w.r.t signing packages, we have a sign process setup, need to sync
      with the koji guys and workout a release process.
<kbsingh> pasik: 2 weeks is a good eta to plan against
<gwd> C6 isn't going to use the CBS signing anyway, since the existing C6
      packages use the CentOS signing key.
<lsm5> sorry about the delay, Re: docker, we have 1.3.1 up, nothing else to
       update :\  [14:23]
<kbsingh> we'll likely have chunk of the work done for the next buildsys
      meeting on Monday coming, and i'd give it another week for people to
      break i
<kbsingh> gwd: if we can find a migration path, would you prefer it went
      through cbs ( c6 )
<lsm5> lsm5: and i'm back at RH if that matters :)
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<kbsingh> lsm5: we;ll try not holding that against you
<lsm5> :)  [14:24]
<gwd> kbsingh: That would be fine with me, but I don't know any of the details
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<kbsingh> gwd: ok, maybe we can thrash out the detalis on the virt-list. it
      will involve shipping a xen that requires: centos-release-xen
      <version>; which then has the new key
<kbsingh> and have the centos-release-xen conflict with the older xen
<kbsingh> gwd: in terms of targets, are we looking for a 4.4 into c6 or c7 now
      ?  [14:26]
<kbsingh> as in, what are we doing first ?
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<gwd> kbsingh: Well I thought changing one thing at a time would be good. :-)
      So I'm aiming at 4.4 in c6
<kbsingh> cool
<gwd> Also, updating to 4.4 in c6 doesn't require kernel changes; just xen &
      libvirt packages
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<kbsingh> second question i had was for jonludlam i guess, there was talk of
      updating to a 3.14 kernel, is that still on the cards ? to better
      align with upstream expectations  [14:28]
<gwd> kbsingh: Do we want to update to 3.14 in c6?  We were definitely
      planning on doing a kernel update for c7
<kbsingh> if there is a good reason to, we can update in c6 as well as c7 -
      specially if its going to mean only having to maintain one kernel
      tree  [14:29]
<jonludlam> I have no particular opinion on kernel version
<jonludlam> David V might though  [14:30]
<gwd> jonludlam: I can ask the Linux Xen crowd what they think is a good
<kbsingh> maybe something to thrash out a bit then, for now for 4.4 into c6,
      if its not a blocker then lets not bring it to the agenda
<jonludlam> gwd, sounds like a good idea
<kbsingh> col  [14:32]
<kbsingh> cool even
<gwd> OK, so the plan is: First c6  xen+libvirt; then possibly c6 kernel
      update; then c7 everything.
<gwd> Anything else for Xen?
<pasik> libvirt status?  [14:33]
<pasik> for xen4.4
<gwd> pasik: I was planning on updating it to whatever the most recent
<gwd> But I haven't had a chance to look at it.
<pasik> ok  [14:35]
<pasik> libvirt obviously needs to be built and tested before we can push the
    xen 4.4 update to c6  [14:36]
<gwd> Yes, that's basically the delay at this point...
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<gwd> lsm5: Anything you're blocked on for a c7 docker release, other than the
      cbs being set up?  [14:37]
<kbsingh> do we want to include the upstream libvirt people as well ?
<kbsingh> DV: ping
<lsm5> gwd: no blockers
<gwd> lsm5: Cool.
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<gwd> quaid also mentioned oVirt potentially wanting to do join the Virt SIG;
      I presume to have a re-build of qemu with some extra features enabled
<gwd> Is there anything to discuss about that?
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<gwd> kbsingh: Also, I have in the last meeting minutes something about dojos
      and sponsorship?  Was there an action item there for anyone?  [14:40]
<kbsingh> unsure, but there are a few ovirt people on the virt-list now, so we
      can ping there
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<kbsingh> gwd: we have a dojo on the day before Fosdem, I think virt-sig
      should do something there, either a hack session or a talk session
<gwd> kbsingh: quaid responded to my e-mail announcing the Virt SIG meeting on
<gwd> Hrm
<gwd> fosdem> It's looking somewhat likely that I won't be able to make it to
      FOSDEM next year, due to some personal stuff I have to sort out in the
      US around that time.  [14:41]
<kbsingh> gwd: ok, we should then try and find someone who can cover ?  [14:43]
<kbsingh> brb
<kbsingh> back  [14:44]
<gwd> kbsingh: Yes, that would be good.  [14:45]
<gwd> kbsingh: Let me see if I can find someone to get involved.  [14:46]
<kbsingh> thanks
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<gwd> OK, anything else to cover?
<kbsingh> the cloudsig is starting to finally get off the ground, do we want
      to cross polinate with them a bit ?  [14:47]
<kbsingh> maybe have someone from virtsig hangout in their meetings and ask
      them to come along here as well
<pasik> jonludlam: would you like to email about the blktap2.5 kernel patches
    once you figure it out?
<gwd> kbsingh: They're doing stuff like openstack, right?
<jonludlam> pasik, if there's anything actually to do, I will  [14:48]
<kbsingh> gwd: yeah, openstack and eucalyptus looks to be what they are
      starting with, then cloudstack and opennebula miht comealong later.
<jonludlam> it looks like the recent activity on the patch in our tree has
        been to do with very large scalability
<jonludlam> which might not be of much interest
<pasik> jonludlam: thanks!  [14:49]
<pasik> jonludlam: well, at least all the bugfixes are of interest :)
<jonludlam> pasik, for sure :-)  [14:50]
<gwd> kbsingh: Yes.  I'll see if I can start lurking on their meetings.
<jonludlam> talking of other SIGs, what needs to happen to kick off the ocaml
        SIG?  [14:51]
<gwd> Just real quick -- any other business we need to cover before we close
      the Virt SIG meeting?
<kbsingh> jonludlam: not much, we just need to find a couple of problem
      definitions that sig will try and solve, then propose it and bob's
      your uncle
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<kbsingh> gwd: not from me.
<jonludlam> is 'we need it for xapi' a sufficient problem definiton?  [14:52]
<jonludlam> I'm sure there are more problems it solve too... :-)  [14:53]
<kbsingh> jonludlam: thats a good place to start from  [14:54]
<kbsingh> jonludlam: lets pickup on that over email, i need to rebase over to
      another call
<jonludlam> sure
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<gwd> Great, thanks everyone!  [14:55]
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