[CentOS-virt] vTPM manager for Xen

Tue Sep 23 12:16:17 UTC 2014
Jordan <yordan.kostov at tracksystem.info>

Hello everyone,


                I am sorry for interrupting your work I am following the
correspondence in silence.


                I am trying to build a vtpm implementation into xen 6.2 but
I was not able to find all the means to do it.

                What can be found is just abstract knowledge.  Most of the
info always forwards me to this doc


                I found the tpm emulator 0.7.4 and build it into centos 5.9
x64 PV vm.

                I have access from that VM to the TPM as well via trousers.


                What I cannot find is the vTPM manager that distributes
vTpms to domains.

                Is this feature deprecated ? Nobody anywhere is talking
about it. 


                I am a little confused as there was measurement boot module
supporting TXT boot released by citrix not long ago but there is no doc that
can give me any info on how to/ or where from to get that management TPM


Best regards,




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