[CentOS-virt] Centos 7 and Openstack

Tue Sep 2 18:34:56 UTC 2014
Arif Ali <mail at arif-ali.co.uk>

On 02/09/14 19:16, Tom Bishop wrote:
> Was wanting to go and kick the openstack tires and was wondering if
> anyone has loaded up the RDO version.  Wasn't sure if any of the
> issues that were seen early on have been corrected or what needs to be
> done for installation on a centos 7 host?
I have done an initial install of openstack through RDO, below are my 
notes on to get it working through packstack

|Apply the following patches|
* Update the following 2 files|
so that it reads $::operatingsystemmajrelease >= 7 instead of 
$::operatingsystemrelease >= 7|
|cp /etc/my.cnf /root/.my.cnf|

And then do "packstack --allinone", and all should be good

Arif Ali

IRC: arif-ali at freenode
LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/arifali

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