[CentOS-virt] Reminder: Phone meeting today

Tue Sep 9 14:43:54 UTC 2014
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

Here are the minutes for the meeting.  Let me know if anything isn't clear:

--- Minutes---
* Attending
- George Dunlap
- Pasi Karkkainen
- Brian Proffitt (oVirt)
- Lokesh Mandvekar (Docker)
- KB Singh

* Docker
- Just need some repos from EPEL
 - golang dependencies
 - docker registry -> python packages
 - Docker 0.11 is in C7, so not very many extra dependencies
- Lokesh maintainer of packages
- Coordinating with Atomic?  Yes.
- Targeting both 6 and 7?  Yes.
- KB: What we want is a good Docker build for virt sig that other
projects can depend on
- Lokesh: Docker already in srpms, easy to import

* Build system
- George has access; should be able to put more time to it next week
- xen needs to be brought into git.c.o
 - G, KB to set up a session to take a look at stuff
 - G's 4.4.1 update based on existing x4c repo, can just pull those in
- PPA-like functionality?
 - Coordinating with EPEL - coppers (?)
 - PPA problems: ad-hoc repos becoming stale, &c
 - Something to take a look at at some point

* "CentOS Upstreams"
- target audience: developers developing against code
- Separate from SIGs

* Kernel for C7?
- Don Koch f/ Verizon got RHEL7 kernel to boot on dom0 with a few tweaks
- Pasi: Lots of people ask for same kernel as upstream; drivers an advantage
- Supportability
 - "stable" kernel we can ask for help debugging stuff f/ Xen / Linux
 - R7 kernel may have things that inadvertently break dom0 in the
backports; Virt SIG would have to track down and fix
 - We don't know how much work it might be to get R7 working as dom0 properly
- 3.14 in "stable" already; if not use R7 kernel, use 3.14.
- Can easily take 3.14 back to C6 as well (Is this OK?)

- Someone has alraeady ported 4.4.1 to C7 -- may be useful as a "head start"

* Meeting at LinuxCon in Dusseldorf?
- KVM forum as well
- Lots of oVirt guys will be there
- KB: Probably wed, thur, fri (14, 15, 16)
 - (Coincides w/ KVM Forum)

On Tue, Sep 9, 2014 at 11:36 AM, George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu> wrote:
> Just a reminder to everyone that we're having our bi-weekly Virt Sig
> meeting today at 2pm., and it's a dial-in this week. Please e-mail me
> if you need the dial-in information
>  -George