[CentOS-virt] Adding customized options to qemu command line

Gena Makhomed

gmm at csdoc.com
Tue Aug 18 12:03:20 UTC 2015

On 18.08.2015 14:44, C. L. Martinez wrote:

> How can I add some options to qemu command line when a kvm guest
> starts up from libvirtd??

# virsh edit vm-name

1. change first line from <domain type='kvm'> to
<domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu='http://libvirt.org/schemas/domain/qemu/1.0'>

2. add

     <qemu:arg value='-acpitable'/>
     <qemu:arg value='file=/path/to/SLIC.BIN'/>

before </domain> tag

3. if you need qemu options for adding SLIC table - also you need
patch QEMU to add workaround for windows SLIC processing bug:

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