[CentOS-virt] How to manually add a new interface to a bridge device?

Wed Dec 9 08:55:44 UTC 2015
Howard Leadmon <howard at leadmon.net>

Tried that as well, but this has to be something that gets set at the OS level and loaded, as if you look at dmesg output, you can see all the vnet?? nodes as the OS comes online.    So the question is, what is virt-install doing that creates the needed vnet interface that is part of the bridge.   I really had to kill and reload the VM just to load a second interface..




Howard Leadmon 


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I would stop the VM, edit its definition file (that's an XML file) and then start it up. But be careful: After you edit the XML file, you need to execute a command so KVM re-reads that file. I forgot that command, but you can look it up on Google.

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Maybe my google-fu is failing me, but I have spent the past couple hours looking at how to add a vnet? Device to my KVM host running CentOS 6, and for the life of me I can’t get this going.    


>From all my research if I want to add a device I should just do ‘brctl addif br1 vnet14’ if I want to add a vnet14 to bridge br1.   When I do this, I get:


# brctl addif br0 vnet14

interface vnet14 does not exist!



If I run a ‘brctl show’ I get the following:


# brctl show

bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces

br0             8000.00237dd22a4c       no              eth0










br1             8000.00237dd22a50       no              eth1








Needless to say the existing vnet?? Devices are in use on guest VM’s currently.


When I create a new VM using virt-install, I usually add the following to my command line:


--network=bridge:br0 --network=bridge:br1


I messed up building a new VM, and only added the br0 interface to the VM, but need the br1 interface as well.  So my question is, or a pointer to how I can add that br1 interface to my existing VM, and create the needed vnet14 interface for it to attach to?


If anyone can explain how to do this, or give me a good pointer on where the info is on how to do this, it would sure be a huge help..






Howard Leadmon 


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