[CentOS-virt] win2008r2 update on centos 6 host made system unbootable

Thu Dec 10 10:24:39 UTC 2015
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 8:31 PM, Patrick Bervoets
<patrick.bervoets at psc-elsene.be> wrote:
> Op 09-12-15 om 14:23 schreef Dennis Jacobfeuerborn:
>> Yes, this is a CentOS 6 Host using regular libvirt based virtualization.
>> The Suse driver is apparently an optional update that gets delivered using
>> the regular Microsoft update mechanism. It's hard to believe that they
>> didn't catch a completely broken driver during QA so my hypothesis is that
>> maybe the new Virtio driver is incompatible only with the older Kernel of
>> CentOS 6 and that this wasn't properly tested. To verify this one could
>> check if the same thing happens on a CentOS 7 Host but at the moment I'm to
>> busy the check this. Regards, Dennis
> Regrettably Microsoft has picked up the habbit of giving out buggy patches.
> Sysadmins are becoming betatesters.

Well to be fair to Microsoft, the only reason SuSE driver would even
load on RHEL is if the virtio devices running on SuSE look to Windows
sufficiently like the virtio devices running on RHEL.  It's not the
normal thing to have two completely different vendors writing drivers
for nearly identical (yet incompatible) hardware, so it's not terribly
surprising that they didn't start out with checks for this kind of