[CentOS-virt] kvm guest from zfs dataset

Fri Jan 16 00:47:45 UTC 2015
aurfalien <aurfalien at gmail.com>

Hi all,

I thought I’d post this in case any one has issues similar to mine.

First, my initial email to the list which I didn’t send;

I’m trying to run a KVM based guest OS off of a mirrored ZFS dataset.

It won’t run with errors "invalid argument..", but will run when on the root volume, or when that ZFS dataset has been removed in favor of an EXT4 volumes.

Thanks in advance,

PS I do see this thread which is not promising;


Lastly, the solution;

Set your cache policy on the KVM guest as write back.

This allows it to run on a ZFS volume.

My apology if this has been covered.  I did spend some time on this so hopefully you can save time by setting the cache policy.

- aurf

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