[CentOS-virt] Minutes of Jan 27 2015 VIRT SIG Meeting

Tue Jan 27 14:45:06 UTC 2015
Lars Kurth <lars.kurth.xen at gmail.com>

Hi all,

seems we are making good progress. Thank you everyone!

* First Xen release via the SIG is imminent (see Xen section)
* We are also close to a Docker release (see Docker section)
* We also need to look at cross-SIG dependencies to be able to make use of Gluster support in the Storage SIG (see oVirt section) 


= Attendees =
* Lars Kurth
* George Dunlap
* Sandro Bonazzola
* Lokesh Mandevar

= Agenda =

== Replace audio meetings in favor of IRC meetings, which seem to work better ==

<All agree with IRC meetings>

ACTION :Send mail to list: If anyone objects, let us know.
ACTION: Lars to changeg invite and wiki to reflect IRC meetings always. 
== Xen Update (George) ==

4.4.1 Virt-Sif testing for several weeks now. Everything appears to be working

Have a wiki now: covering xend to libxl migration - see http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Xen/Xen4QuickStart 

Jonny has pushed the signed packages

Thus, this is the 1st Xen release from the VIRT SIG

ACTION: George to send quick mail to the list and write up a blog post. CC publicity at xenproject and KB such that he can cross post to the CentOS blog if he wants to

Note: 4.4.1 is still using the new old 3.10 kernel.


George: do we have a conflict on kernel versions for CentOS 7. For xen we would need to override the CentOS 7 kernel to make Xen work with CentOS 7

Lokesh: there is no kernel requirement for Docker except that the kernel needs to be >= 3.10 – this should be a match

George: potential issue is that Docker is officially supported in RHEL/  CentOS 7

Lokesh: 3.14 should work for Docker, but needs to be verified.

George: before we push to public repo we need to test it.

Lokesh: CentOS and Docker are tested with 3.10. For Fedora we test with 3.18. Docker has its own test suite. So covering 3.14 should be straightforward

George: would you mind if I uploaded 3.10 and see whether it works? But there may be an issue that we would be missing RedHat backports in CentOS 7

Lokesh: Since yesterday have been doing a daily test for rawhide in addition to the stable branch. I don't think there should be an issue

George: Checking understanding that a new kernel is totally OK.

Lokesh: As long as we are not disabling standard kernel functionality we are fine

ACTION: George upload the latest kernel and coordinate with Lokesh re testing to ensure that nothing breaks

= Docker update (Lokesh) =

Still on 1.4.1

Yesterday I was talking to Jim and KB re a daily rebuild for CentOS and that should be fine

Maybe we will have an additional package Docker-upstream or Docker-unsupported (TBD)

I have also been talking to people from Kubernetes and Cockpit re new versions.

ACTION: Lokesh to make an announcements on the list(s) and then we can try and make a public release.

ACTION: Lokesh to create a getting started wiki page

ACTION: Lars to link to any announcements in FOSDEM VIRT SIG presentation

= oVirt update (Sandro) =

3.5.1 is upstreamed and released

Now we have a bit more time to investigate CBS, etc.

We also have credentials for wiki and CBS

Sandro: I had asked for some HowTo for CBS / Coogee by mail, which is still unresolved

George: has some runes for basic stuff which he can share

ACTION: George to create brief howto and share on list/wiki. 

One of the other issues Sandro brought up is that the Storage SIG now has Gluster support and that he would like to build oVirt with support from Gluster packages in the storage SIG. There may a requirement for QEMU and KVM packages (details needed) from that SIG.

George: this will require some cross-SIG coordination that we need to resolve.  At the moment we don’t have a way to cover inter-SIG dependencies

ACTION: Sandro email storage SIG (via centos-devel) and virt SIG and lay out problem to kick off a discussion. Lars can try and follow up with KB and others at FOSDEM.

= Any other business =