[CentOS-virt] Xen in a Box Proposal

Sat Mar 21 22:04:04 UTC 2015
Gautam Malu <gautam.maloo at gmail.com>

Hi everyone,

I am a masters student at IIIT- Hyderabad, India. I have submitted my GSOC
proposal for Xen in a Box. I would be great to have some suggestions
especially about the porting of xapi on CentOS

Abstract:  My project goal is to deliver set of scripts preferrably in
bash, along with all necessay packages to convert standared installers ISOs
into customized ISOs which install CentOS 6 + xen + libvirt + 2 pv VMs
running + network configuration. I also plan to deliver xapi rpms which can
be used to build a custom installer ISO to install CentOS 6 + xen + xapi.

Full proposal:

Best regards,
Gautam Malu
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