[CentOS-virt] xapi on CentOS 6

Mon Mar 30 18:03:20 UTC 2015
Gautam Malu <gautam.malu at research.iiit.ac.in>

I am a masters student at IIIT Hyderabad. I have applied for gsoc 2015, for
xen in a box proposal.
As a part of my proposal,I want to deliver xapi repo which can be used to
build a custom installer ISO to install CentOS 6 + xen + xapi.

Here is my full proposal

About building xapi packages for CentOS; I was able to build all xenserver
packages with xenserver build root. (https://github.com/xenserver/buildroot)
on CentOS 6.6 . This buildroot uses Xen4CentOS repo for xen packages, but
it uses custom repo for Ocaml(4.01).

The Base repo for CentOS 6.6 have ocaml 3.11. This buildroot required Ocaml
4.x. The gsoc would start in May end, if Ocaml 4.x packages are ready by
then, Those could be used to build xapi.

Is there any plan to have xapi as part of virt SIG.
Is there any time-line  for having ocaml 4.x packages in CentOS offical

Best regards,
Gautam Malu
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