[CentOS-virt] Bridge Networking for Xen in Box proposal

Tue May 26 10:49:08 UTC 2015
Gautam Malu <gautam.malu at research.iiit.ac.in>


I am doing xen in box gsoc project.

The aim of the project is to have custom installer ISO which delivers xen
stack running on c7 along with necessary bridge networking configuration.

But I am getting confused over how to package bridge networking settings,
so that I can deliver that during installation itself.
I can use bridge-utils and package ifcfg-* files as differnet package. But
for that I need to have the network information like how many NIC are
present in the system, and which NIC is active is it eth0 or wlan0.

I can probably write a script to set up bridge networking, which can be
used to start bridge networking and stop, and ship that script as a

Any suggestions?

Best regards,
Gautam Malu
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