[CentOS-virt] CVE-2015-7835

Wed Nov 4 16:11:32 UTC 2015
Jens Larsson <jens at nsc.liu.se>

>> There was new packages (4.4.3-3) released on Oct 29, but they don't
>> address the CVE-2015-7835 problems. Does anyone have news about a
>> rebuild with this fix applied? Or should we make our own build?
> Actually they do includu CVE-2015-7835 (aka XSA-148) -- I just made a
> mistake when I made the changelog.  Sorry about that.
>  -George

Ah, I thought I was careful before posting and even checked the source
RPM. But of course I did it wrong. The patch is there all right...

Sorry for the noise. And thanks for all the good work on this project!