[CentOS-virt] xen and spice problem

Mark Pryor

tlviewer at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 4 15:50:41 UTC 2015
above is a build of upstream xen with this `configure` including spice support:./configure --enable-systemd --prefix=/usr --enable-xsmpolicy --enable-ocamltools \
  --libdir=%{_libdir} --enable-efi \
  --with-extra-qemuu-configure-args="--enable-spice --enable-usb-redir"
there is no associated libvirt buildIncluded are patches up to the HEAD of staging-4.6, so its basically rc5.-- 


     On Thursday, October 1, 2015 8:36 AM, Christoph <mangel at gmx.de> wrote:

 Am 2015-10-01 13:30, schrieb George Dunlap:
> No, the qemu version will be one that is custom build for the xen 
> package.
> Fabio, is there a toplevel config option to enable spice when building
> through the Xen build system?
> Please manually CC me if you can, as I'm not getting your mails to
> centos-devel...

there is an qemu 2.0 ver in EPEL (qemu-2.0.0-1.el7.5 RPM for x86_64) 
there is the spice support build in...

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