[CentOS-virt] Xen specfile git repos

Thu Sep 10 08:55:04 UTC 2015
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

There was some discussion about the lack of visibility of the
Xen4CentOS development process.

The Xen spec files and supporting patches are kept in a git tree.
I've pushed copies of these trees here:


xen-44 is the branch for Xen 4.4 development, and xen-46 is the branch
for Xen 4.6 development.

As is normal, these repos do not contain many of the binary tarballs
required to build.  The best way to get these is to download a recent
srpm (from http://cbs.centos.org/repos/virt7-xen-46-testing/source/SRPMS/
-- replacing virt6 with virt7 or 44 with 46 as appropriate).

The patches to the xen hypervisor are in a rather unusual format: a
git "am".  This makes it *much* easier to rebase and manipulate the
queue if you're familiar with git; but it does add a bit to get
familiar with.

To manipulate the am patchqueue (using 4.4.3 as an example):

1. Check out a git repo and make a branch based on the baseline version

$ git checkout -b centos/pq/4.4.3 RELEASE-4.4.3

2. Import SOURCES/xen-queue.am

$ git am ${path-to-package-repo}/SOURCES/xen-queue.am

OR using stackgit:

$ stg init
$ stg import -M ${path-to-package-repo}/SOURCES/xen-queue.am

3. Manipulate the patchqueue using normal git (or stackgit) commands

4. Export the queue again:

git format-patch --stdout -N RELEASE-4.4.3 >