[CentOS-virt] CentOS 7 AMI on AWS GovCloud region

Mon Sep 28 13:55:22 UTC 2015
Patrick Varilly <patrick.varilly at dataminded.be>


I'm working on building a cluster on AWS atop CentOS 7.  For development,
I've been working in the eu-west-1 (Ireland) region, where the AWS
MarketPlace provides an official CentOS 7 AMI (ami-e4ff5c93).  However, the
production deployment is taking place in AWS's GovCloud region for
regulatory reasons, and there, I couldn't find an official CentOS 7 AMI.

Are there plans to provide an official CentOS 7 AMI for the GovCloud soon?
Or instructions on how the official AMIs are built?  I'm happy to help
build an AMI for public use following the instructions if someone can point
me in the right direction.

Thanks for your help,

Patrick Varilly
Data Minded
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