[CentOS-virt] Beta CentOS 7 Xen packages available

Mon Sep 7 22:02:40 UTC 2015
T.Weyergraf <T.Weyergraf at virtfinity.de>

On 09/07/2015 12:40 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 09/04/2015 04:39 PM, T.Weyergraf wrote:
>> On 09/03/2015 09:50 PM, Chuck Meade wrote:
>>> Hi Thomas,
>> Hi Chuck
>>> This may be old news at this point, but I had 100% identical behavior
>>> to yours when I tried virtx7-44-testing.
>>> After looking around a bit I tried "virtx7-44-candidate", in a sibling
>>> directory to virtx7-44-testing.  It has a more
>>> recent date, so I tried with that and it works fine.  It resolves the
>>> issues listed in your email from 7/7/2015.
>> Thanks for letting me know. I actually found the "candiate" packages to
>> work too, when tried those some days after my email.
>> However, nowadays I build my own Xen rpm's, based on the Fedora 21
>> source package. I modified the spec-file to properly build for CentOS 7
>> and adapted some of the patches of the Fedora source package.
>> To me, the advantage is proper systemd intergration. It has systemd unit
>> files for all xen-related services. Likewise, I keep the version up to
>> date to my taste, like running 4.4.3.
>> My xen-packages work well for me and if anybody is interested, I can
>> polish things up a bit, setup a repo and make them accessible.
> What we really need is to make the REAL xen RPMs .. the ones produced in
> this SIG .. work with systemd.  These RPMs are produced by Citrix, so we
> need to get the right.
> So, what works and what does not work (ie, no systemd integration
> problem) needs to be addressed.
> We don't want to create forked repos, IMHO.
First of all, I fully agree, that forked repos are undesirable. However, 
to the casual observer (like me), there are hardly any ressources for 
Xen on CentOS 7. There are some beta packages, as announced in the start 
if this thread, with the latest update being 4.4.2 on 4th of august. I 
have not yet found any git repo to check out the current Xen 4 CentOS 7 
development effort - only the source rpms to the above packages could be 
used. Likewise, the response on the list on the announcements of the Xen 
on CentOS 7 beta packages was kind of mute and no further updates were 
given. This led me to the - apparently false - assumption, that the 
project kind of fell asleep.
I'd be more than happy to at least test development packages and give 

Your statement "These RPMs are produced by Citrix, so we need to get the 
right" irritates me, as I was completely unaware of any "rights" from 
Citrix to be waited for.

Anyway, I will wait for the official Xen4CentOS packages for CentOS 7 
and keep my stuff out of the public to avoid useless forks.