[CentOS-virt] Beta CentOS 7 Xen packages available

Tue Sep 8 11:12:03 UTC 2015
Always Learning <centos at u64.u22.net>

On Tue, 2015-09-08 at 12:02 +0100, George Dunlap wrote:

> Then I got married and went on holiday for 3 weeks in August,

Congratulations. Its nicer cuddling a real person rather than a

> The Virt SIG has IRC meetings on freenode channel #centos-devel every
> two weeks -- the next one is today (8 September) at 2pm BST (3pm UTC).
> If anyone wants to help contribute / see what the status of Xen4CentOS
> is, feel free to pop in.

BST = British Summer Time = GMT/UTC + 1:00.
Thus 14:00 BST = 13:00 UTC.


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